Decibel Wines are my vision to create wines using classic practices, minimal intervention, and wines with a community based attitude.  These are ideas as old as wine itself and I believe strongly in them.  However I look to the future as well.  I look at a time when we use smart practices in the vineyard and the winery that not only inspire but preserve our great planet.  I've had a great deal of help from many other winemakers, growers and friends in Hawkes Bay, Martinborough, and back home in the USA as well. 

While traveling through Europe and America with a band of musicians, artists and craftsmen my passion for sense memory and sense elation grew.   While docked in Philadelphia I discovered New Zealand wines.  I literally smelled the potential for adventure and pure discovery in the glass.  
In 2007 I left Philadelphia to make wine in New Zealand. I have taken the spirit of my Great Grandfather, Miguel Rodolico and his entire lineage, with me.    A barrel cooper and winemaker himself, he traveled from Sicily to America in search of inspiration.   He is with me on this journey.

As I follow maps of the roads, maps of the soils, maps of the seas, flight plans and  future plans, the journey now brings me across the globe pouring my wines for people in hopes they will be open to the idea of an adventure.  


Testify' is a wine that is only produced in the best of vintages.  It is my hand on heart proclamation that it is our best effort within this varietal, Malbec. In 2016 we were graced with a fantastic summer that expressed itself beautifully with the Malbec varietal showing rich plum and other lush fruit notes on the palate. 


Decibel gimblett gravels malbec 2017

Savoury dry earth and an expressive complexity greet the nose upon its first smell of this wine. The aromatics than evolve into violets, ripe dark cherry and medieval spice upon second approach and as the wine opens up and breathes. The palate is rich and earthy with distinctly dusty tannins. The tannins are firm but the wine remains vibrant and not too heavy resulting in a fresh finish.


Decibel martinbrough pinot noir 2014

Ruby jewelled colour with aromas of raspberry, spice, dark toast and forest floor. The mouthfeel is bright and perky on entry with soft, savoury flavours and supple acidity. The structure is built on fine grain and chalky tannins with a lingering juicy finish.


Decibel rose 2018

Peaches and hints of red fruit give the wine a lifted and rounded bouquet. The nose continues to show strawberry, nuggar notes and wild flower along with other savoury notes. The attack on the palate is lush with a crisp and perky mid-palate. The experience finishes dry on the backpalate and mouth-watering up front with hints of creamy cherry pie


Decibel sauvignon blanc 2017

Rich aromatics give way to fresh, tropical fruit on the nose. The front palate is soft, rich and lush with honeysuckle, bright peach and white, fleshy stone fruit. The mid palate begins a lift that shows minerality, with chalky, textural build that finishes with a fresh and clean perk.


Decibel viognier 2016

This wine was grown on the Bridge Pa Triangle,  a grape growing area roughly delineated by three roads: Ngatarawa Road, State Highway 50 and Maraekakaho Road. It is recognised as a premium wine growing area in the Hawke’s Bay region. In ancient times the area was blanketed by the pumice tephra of numerous Taupo volcanic events. Much of the Triangle area covers the historical (pre-1860s earthquake) riverbed of the nearby Ngaruroro River. As such soil types include Ngatarawa Gravels, Takapau Silty-loam (free draining red metal of mixed alluvial and volcanic origin) and shallow clay-loam soils with underlying deep free draining pumice